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Here at EHC, we know that building your dream house can turn into a nightmare. Here's the good news... It doesn't have to be!

With our unique Custom Home Design Process, we aim to take the stress out of the experience.

3 Phases... No stress...

Exactly what you want.


Custom Design

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Phase 1

The first step of the design/build process is to collect the basic information of placing the house of your dreams, on the land you have purchased. (Basic Floor Plan, Size, and Budget) You will receive a Custom Design Questionnaire that will be reviewed during the Initial Design Concept Phase.

The Initial Design Concept portion of phase 1 starts with a sit down with Brandon. At this time you will go over your design questionnaire, along with any pictures, drawings, ideas, and specialty wants that you have been dreaming of in your home. Brandon will get all the information together that is needed to start the design of your custom home.


During the feasibility phase of our design agreement, we will run an initial onsite evaluation study for your property. At this time, we will complete our Phase 1 Checklist that is listed below. 


Onsite evaluation - Review HOA/POA Requirements - Pre-Construction needs

Water / Electric / Septic Providers Identified - Schedule Next Meeting

Phase 2

Preliminary Plans - At the start of phase 2, after seeing your home start to come together in concept, any plan changes made in the concept phase will be completed and reviewed with the estimate updated.

You will then work directly with our drafter to lay out the specifics of the plans and overall design of the interior of the house. 

This will cover the layout of the  

electrical plan, identifying lighting and switch  

location, along with the location of additional  

special plugs (i.e., TV plugs high on the wall),  

any low voltage or specialty items requested  

for the build (i.e., clawfoot bathtubs, pot  

fillers, etc.). She will also discuss the looks  

of any specialty finish options (i.e., shiplap on  

walls, fireplace layouts, cabinet, and closet  

design) and the exterior of the house options  

(i.e., screen porches, specialty trusses). Finally, we will go over the finishing touches such as interior and exterior paint, hardware, landscaping and more. 

Phase 3

At the first meeting of phase 3 we will review the plans, the site plot layout, and discuss  any other needs for construction preparation or discovery found during the first 2 phases. We will  also go over the specification list, and any pricing sent in from our suppliers. You will be given a copy of our contract package at this time for your review. By the end of this meeting, all plans will be finalized, selection sheets turned in, allowances in the final specifications sheet identified, and engineered plans reviewed.  


In the final meeting of the design agreement, we will review any questions with the  contract, review the plans and specifications, prepare HOA application for submission (if applicable), and prepare any documents for financing.


 At this time, we will sign the Contract To Build specifications sheet, and send out all documents to applicable HOA/POA and financial institutions.  

Phase 3 Checklist  

  • Engineered Plans

  • Specifications List

  • Color Chart Turned In

  • Final Contract Ready

  • HOA/POA Documents Submitted **HOA Fees not included**

  • Financial Institution Documents Submitted   

Our Expertise


  • Design-Build Concept

  • Pre-draft Renderings

  • Estimating & Budgeting

  • Scheduling

  • No Gimmicks, Just Facts


  • Turnkey Capable

  • Quality Control

  • Attention to Detail

  • Safety Management

  • Subcontractor Management


  • Warranty Work

  • Blue Tape Walk Through

  • Certificate of Occupancy

  • As-built documentation

  • Warranty

We Are Here For You

Let's make Yesterday's Dream into Today's Reality

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